We've Got Your Back
Neeki Alavi, Avin Saririan
Collingwood School
Floor Location : M 012 N

The average Canadian does not realize how much bad posture really affects them, but let us tell you. The awry angle of your back can cause sore muscles, spinal curvature, subluxations, blood vessel constriction, and nerve constriction. Lucky for you we have created a device that will help you back every angle of the day. We've Got Your Back is a machine that is created using a microprocessor, vibrating motor, and 3-axis gyroscope to detect when your back has become under 70 degrees (when slouching). This device will detect the angle that the person's back is arched in and if the person stays in that position for more than 7 seconds the vibrating motor will vibrate informing the person that they need to straighten their back. We have based our science expo innovation on the Engineering and Computing sciences as well as the Health sciences section. As this was is to an easy task to conquer we needed some help. We had the help of Ziba Bozorghzadeh in the beginning stages, she helped us with figuring out how this machine would work and the basic design to it. As she is an engineer herself, she was able to help choose the best devices to use for our machine. Also, Ava Nouri was a very key part to making this machine work, she helped us throughout the whole thing with coding the Gyro and the Arduino Uno. The coding took hours and hours of working trying to get the Gyro, Arduino Uno, and the vibrating motor to all function together and give us the machine that we wanted. As I don't want to go in too much detail about the preparation and all the hard work put into this machine feel free to check out our weebly (avinandneekiscienceexpo.weebly.com), everything will be on there answering all your questions. We hope that our device can help many suffering with bad posture and hopefully this machine will be more than a science expo project.