The Effects Of Sunscreen On Bean Sprouts In UV Light
Joe Zhang, Kishor Sivanesan
David Thompson
Floor Location : M 017 V

In brief, our project is analyzing the effect of sunscreen on the growth of bean sprout stalks in the presence of ultraviolet lighting. We wondered if plants would behave the same way to sunscreen as humans do. We conducted this experiment because we were curious if sunscreen could possibly increase the efficiency of plant growth. We hoped to potentially change the way plants grow which can in return benefit humans and animals as well. Agriculture in the world is constantly changing because of the depleting ozone layer, due to climate change. Plants will be victimized if the UV light becomes too hazardous and starts to damage their cells. We are attempting to find out if sunscreen could prevent any damage emitted by UV light to plant life. Increasing plant growth efficiency in UV light can prevent any harm to plant life in the near future. Since humans and animals rely greatly on plants, it is very essential that plant life is sustained. For our experiment, the main materials we used were bean sprout stalks and different SPF ratings of sunscreen. The experiment consisted of two six day trials. We hypothesized that the bean sprout plants that have a higher concentration of sunscreen sprayed on them will result in a higher growth rate compared to the plants with a lower concentration of sunscreen sprayed on them. If we are correct, we can create the drastic change that needs to happen in the near future in order for plants to sustain life in the presence of UV light from the sun. We hope with this data and information, we will be able to inform the world that in a probable future with a depleted ozone layer, sunscreen could possibly become the shield that is needed to protect organisms from a full exposure to UV light.