Connie Kang
Crofton House
Floor Location : M 040 N

Because I've seen my grandpa getting angry and impatient when parking and doing pull over, I decided to invent something that allows every car to park and do pull over by itself. After a massive amount of research, I understand that it is impossible to know where the vehicle's gonna end up at if I don't know the center point of the vehicle when it is turning. Therefore, my hypothesis is that every car should have a center point when it is turning. Because there's a lot of unknown factors that could go wrong in an experiment, I tried limiting down the uncertainty by setting every turning of the wheels to 30 degrees. After series of testing with my model car, built with nxt mindstorm pieces, I came up with a mathematical formula that can calculate any car's center point when turning 30 degrees by inputing the vehicle's length and width into the formula. Everything became a lot easier after I figured out the formula for calculating the center point when turning 30 degree since all there was left was to to research and figure out the simplest and fastest way for a vehicle to park and pull over. The formulas for parking and pull over are primarliy based on the first formula, which is the center point one since what the vehicle is essentially doing is turning 30 degrees over and over again. In order to prove the accuracy of my formula, I inputed the mathematical formulas into the C Programming. As a result, after compiling, my model successfully auto-parked and auto-pull over. Last but not least, these mathematical formulas do not apply only to my model since I built another model that is completely different from my first model in terms of size and model two still successfully achieved my goal.