Tumor-Specific TCR-pMHC Database
Ishmum Ataur
Britannia Secondary
Floor Location : M 066 H

Recently, new advances in cancer immunotherapy have shown a lot of promise towards combatting tumors using re-differentiated T cells. However, crucial information that is needed in this field of research, such as the TRAV, TRBV, TRAJ, TRBJ and the CDR3 sequences of T cell receptors, are very disordered. It could take extensive literature searches, just to locate the data of one TCR, delaying the progress of research. The Tumor-Specific TCR-pMHC Database has been constructed to provide a centralized location for researchers to gather data from, as well as contribute to by submitting important data such as TCR genes and TCR V,D and J sequences. A total of 34 different TCRs have been found during an extensive literature search and were added to the database. 101 different TCR V, J and CDR3 sequences have been obtained from the 34 TCRs. 32 CDR3 sequences of 32 TCRs are obtained from the journals while 70 TRAV, TRAJ, TRBV and TRBJ genes have been found from 34 TCRs. Therefore, this project builds the foundation of the database and profiles key characteristics and properties of TCRs. This database will continue to expand as research in this field progresses and has the ability to showcase and share important findings as research on cancer immunotherapy continues.