Autonomous Technology: Self-Driving Cars
Danilo Lekovic
Heritage Woods Secondary
Floor Location : M 093 N

Safety of people using machines has always been a topic of concern. But what if we can make that topic of concern disappear? We have trains that can drive by themselves, but why not self-driving cars? Simply because it is not safe enough. My project is a composition of months of research and prototyping a self-driving car. It has already been proven that computers are better than humans at things like mathematics, computational knowledge, and more. So why can't computers be better than humans at driving? The reason we move on as a society is because people force the future to happen. The software (nicknamed AutoCar) can do many things such as control the prototype, detect if an object is blocking the path of the protoype, follow a road, and finally, locate and identify various common road signs effectively. The hardware itself consists of a rewired remote-controlled car, a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+, a Pi camera, motor controller, battery pack of 6, an ultrasonic range finder, and a rechargeable USB battery. Essentially, this is a small electric car, much like the Tesla's you see out in the streets. However, one thing is different. This car can drive entirely by itself without any human controlling it.