The impact of Vaccaria segetalis on skin whiteness
Alina Ziqian QIU
Magee Secondary
Floor Location : M 103 D

Many clinical researches on a Chinese medicine called Vaccaria segetalis shows that it helps to promote diuresis and milk secretion, activate blood circulation and relieve swelling. Inspired by an online post about a secret prescription about removing skin spot by using Vaccaria segetalis, I did researches on Vaccaria segetalis and designed an experiment. The purpose of this experiment is to show whether Vaccaria segetalis truly can help to whiten skin since no published articles have ever revealed the whiten function of Vaccaria segetalis.
Skin color is mostly affected by the amount of melanin presented at the epidermis of skin. The forming of melanin is regulated by the reaction between tyrosine and tyrosinase. It suggests that Vaccaria segetalis might have some interference on the reaction between tyrosine and tyrosinase if Vaccaria segetalis is able to whiten skin.
Extract of Vaccaria segetalis from water and from alcohol are added into the mixture of tyrosine and tyrosinase separately. The reaction between tyrosine and tyrosinase was performed at 28oC and pH 6.8. Spectrophotometer was used to measure the absorbance of the samples after tyrosine and tyrosinase react completely. The result showed that the sample with extract of Vaccaria segetalis either from water or from alcohol has lower absorbance than other samples without extract of Vaccaria segetalis. Moreover, the absorbance of the sample with extract of Vaccaria segetalis from alcohol is lower than that of the sample with extract of Vaccaria segetalis from water. This suggests that Vaccaria segetalis may contain chemical(s) which can influence the activity of tyrosinase, and alcohol is better than water to extract the chemical(s).Future experiments need to be done to reveal which chemical(s) in Vaccaria segetalis is the main contributor of interference the activity of tyrosinase.