Muun - Researching Sleep
Mike Roslikov
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Researching sleep has always been a major issue in the scientific community. I solved this problem with Muun Heavy. It is a mobile application that records your sleep and performs an analysis in real-time from the body movements that your smartphone detects. The phone is placed closer to the head and it determines the sleep phase and how it changes through the night. This way you can get better sleep data by not using uncomfortable, expensive equipment. This solution is for researchers and anyone who draw conclusions their sleep.

The data from Muun Heavy allows you to infer zinc and other nutritional deficiencies, as demonstrated by experiment. The duration of a sleep cycle was thought to be around 90 minutes, however this turned out to be highly dependent on age. REM phases were thought to always be somewhere around 10 minutes, however, it usually a significant window of 7 seconds.

Using the research conducted with Muun Heavy, I was able to create something for everyone, Muun Light. This mobile application wakes up the user during their lightest sleep phase, REM. This takes away the dreadful morning feeling that comes from waking up in the NON-REM phase. Muun Light is unique because it doesn’t have to be plugged in and works much more accurately on different beds.