Smart Gas Detection to the Max
Max Botham
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : M 109 N

Homes should be safe for the families that live in them. However, houses can sometimes contain dangerous gases like carbon monoxide or natural gas, or can be surrounded on the outside by dangerous gases in air pollution or smoke from fires. This invention is a home automation system that protects a home (or factory) from six dangerous gases (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, propane/butane, smoke and hydrogen gas) by detecting the gases inside and outside the house, then actively taking measures to protect the occupants of the house. Detected gases are actively cleared from the house by use of a computer-controlled fan and motorized window in the house. When a gas is detected, the system keeps the occupants informed by sounding an alarm and notifying the occupant which gas is present and the estimated Parts Per Million (PPM) concentration of the gas. When no gases are present, the system maximizes comfort within the house based on environmental conditions. The invention uses gas sensors, a rain sensor, a temperature sensor, an Arduino microcontroller, various output devices, original software, and original circuitry. The project also includes a model house for use in testing and demonstrations. Through testing, the system was shown to successfully detect and clear the dangerous gases from the model home, and to adjust comfort based on environmental conditions. The project demonstrated that this type of system could be used to effectively contribute to the safety and comfort of a house, and that the same technology could be used in factories or other industrial environments.