Fruity Sweet, Mighty Ripe
Nathaniel Lum
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 118 F

Fruits will increase in sweetness as they ripen, and therefore have an increase in the amount of sugar in them. But just how much is that increase in sugar? Many people have problems involving sugar, and need to watch the amount of sugar they take in. Is there any worry in how much the sugar content increases by? To get the amount of sugar in the fruit, the fruit must first be juiced. The sugar in the juice can be measured by using glucose urinalysis testing strips, and by using the enzyme invertase, which assists in the process of breaking down of complex sugars into simple sugars. After waiting for a certain amount of time, the we remeasure the sugar, and use three formulas to get the amount of sugar in the fruit. This process is repeated every 24 hours over the span of 7 days to observe the change in the sugar as the fruits ripen. When the ripening process first begins, the amount of sugar in the fruits increases by a lot, with no exact rate of change. Once the fruit is ripe, then the rate of change in the sugar will become linear, with the simple sugars increasing faster than the complex sugar, and the rate of increase in the complex sugar slowing down. Fruits contain a lot of sugar, and for most people, sugar is not a very large concern, but for some people it is or can be.