Solar Powered/Eco-Friendly Garden Watering System
Amira Vasireddi, Soleil Kerfoot
Collingwood School
Floor Location : M 126 N

Following the stage 3 water restrictions that we experienced this summer inspired us to create this innovation. We were not able to water our lawns or wash our cars due to the lack of water and rain. Our innovation will prevent this from happening again. Our goals in our project were to create a viable solution for storage of water during times of drought. We hope that someday our invention or a similar invention could be implemented in BC or places such as California who suffer from droughts. With our invention or a similar concept, people would be able to store large amounts of water, to be used for watering lawns or many other uses, during times of drought.Our system works by trapping and storing rainwater and snow melt from driveways and roofs that is brought through gutters and drains into the underground tanks. The gutters will collect the water from the rain and use pipe mechanism to transport it into the tanks. The underground tanks located under the lawn will be 4 ft deep and the widths of the tanks will vary according to the size of the lawn. A typical garden needs 1 inch of water every week. A 100 square foot lawn needs approximately 62 gallons of water per week and typically require watering from March to October. The watering system will be set up in such a way that it will operate automatically once a week from March to October (32 weeks), with twice a week watering during the hot summer months of June to August. This translates to 44 (32 + 12) times to water your lawn every year. Our design will be powered by rooftop solar panels that will power a motor that will pump water to the sprinklers. The sprinklers will water your lawn and allow you to recycle your rainwater.We think our invention would be very helpful for watering the lawns of people who live in areas that receive low amounts of precipitation throughout the year. It will also be ideal for most homes to water lawns from collected rainwater rather than using precious municipal water which is treated and potable. Our system will help as an alternative to keep your lawns always green when some areas experience unexpected droughts with imposed water restrictions.