Improving the Reflectivity of Eggshells
Chinenye Oluka
Moscrop Secondary
Floor Location : M 165 H

This experiment was designed to test which natural substances were best at improving the reflectivity of the enamel. The experiment was done using white chicken eggshells because of their similarity to the enamel. The substances used in the attempt to enhance the reflectivity of the eggshells were: 3 strawberries per 12 eggs, 15 ml of coconut oil per 12 eggs, and 15 ml of baking soda mixed with 15 ml of water per 12 eggs. Tap water was used as the control. The most effective substance at increasing the reflectivity of the eggshells was strawberry. Baking soda came second, and the substance with the least effect was coconut oil. The results agreed with the hypothesis that strawberry would be the best substance at improving the reflectivity of the eggshells. Data on which the conclusion was based upon, was derived using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values. A picture of each trial was taken prior to and after the treatment. The RGB values of the before and after picture was taken. The difference was calculated and the average of the difference determined. To confirm which of the substances was the best, a total average of the trial averages were taken. The results of this experiment may be subject to change if repeated in an environment with temperatures higher than 25 degrees Celsius.