Electric Motorized Skateboard
Vladislav Pomogaev
Riverside Secondary
Floor Location : S 049 N

Even with constant transit-orientated development and the expansion of public transit systems, there has always been a difficulty in getting people from their last bus stop, train station, or ferry terminal, to their final destination. This has been described as the 'last mile' problem, and it is particularly known to people who live in the suburbs, where public transportation options are not as concentrated as they are in major cities.

In this project, I have developed a portable, high-speed, electric skateboard, which is a practical solution for the last mile problem. You can carry this skateboard onto public transit, and then at your last stop, use the skateboard to travel up to 35km/h to your final destination. The skateboard can travel up to 15km before needing a recharge, and can be recharged in less than ninety minutes.

This skateboard was the first to utilize a unique and innovative wireless control method, which consists of a custom-made Bluetooth controller and an Android application. Unlike commercial electric skateboards, there is no need to carry a separate controller; you can use your existing smartphone device to control the throttle. Additionally, the board has regenerative braking; a function which recharges the battery when you apply the brake.

The skateboard uses repurposed off-the-shelf components that were originally made for remote controlled planes. Using off-the-shelf components lowered the price of the project, and it costs only a fraction of what a commercial electric skateboard would cost.

This skateboard has been in development for 2 years now. I have made five prototypes, each one better than the last one. In order to improve the design, several formal tests were conducted, including measuring comfortable rider acceleration, top speed and range, and motor speed vs. efficiency. The data that was recorded and analyzed helped me determine the best gear ratio and the best motor, as well as implement the correct acceleration limiting for a smoother ride.

My project is the culmination of the practical application of the research of all my tests and experiments into a functional prototype form factor for the skateboard. Currently, I ride the skateboard every day, and continue to make adjustments and learn more about the strengths and limits of my design.