Is The Universe In Order Or Disorder
Jasmine Fitzsimons
Elphinstone Secondary
Floor Location : J 034 D

The purpose of my experiment was to find out if the universe is in order or disorder. Is it in uniform or chaos. Is it predictable or is it hdjkksdk. My intention coming into this experiment was to see if I could take the chaos, and make it predictable, traceable. I made two instrument to test this idea; I made a double swinging pendulum, and a pen robot. The variables for the pendula were five escalations which I tested each multiple times. I found that the lower energy input (lower the escalation), there was more predictability, but the more energy input (higher the escalation), the less predictability there is, the more chaos. The order or predictability in my pendula was the swings and rotations, you cant predict exactly what is going to happen when you let it operate, but there is still some level of predictability, you know that the pendula with have swings and rotations. When I recorded what I saw within each escalation I saw some patterns, but when it came to counting the swings and rotations the numbers would be similar in the lower escalations, but when more energy input was put in the numbers got more and more less similar. Another constant/order The variables for the pen robot were; I had the pen robot run 5 times, starting in the same place, doing that for 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, and 20 sec. The order in my pen robot during short intervals, there is some level of predictability: you can see the breakdown. The longer you let it run the more lines, and circles there will be so by having it run for short periods of time you can see the break down of the motions and shapes. My pen robot demonstrated that no two patterns were the same, yet showed similarity's in shape: circle like shapes, I have also seen It go in a straight line across the paper. Another constant/order is the assumption that there is no friction anywhere in the apparatus. The pen robot has the same energy input, whereas the pendula doesn't. I wonder If I could somehow put less energy into the pen robot, so that I can see it work even more broken down then before, so maybe I would notice something different. I could see the chaos broken down. Both experiment demonstrated that similarity's can be found in seemingly random behavior. When forces are released in controlled circumstances (order) they create chaotic behaviors (disorder) time and time again, never repeating themselves but offering patterns that give rise to familiar shapes. The universe clearly shows these magnificent patterns everywhere you look, and yet they are completely unique time after time. It appears that order comes from disorder, and from that order we return back to disorder again. In conclusion I found out that everything has order and disorder in it, but there is always a transition between them.