The Speed of Fencing Actions
Michelle Wang
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
Floor Location : J 140 D

How will the way I hit an object impact how much speed my attack has? If I extend my arm, step, lunge, and flèche, then my lunge will have the greatest speed because lunges don't need a lot of time to gain speed, and can can cover a very long distance.

To try to make my experiment results as relyable as possible, I performed each action (extention of my arm, step forward, lunge, and flèche) 10 times, then the next day, I did each action 10 times, again, but this time in a different order. I did that two more times to complete a full rotation.

After testing my hypothesis, my results concluded to contradict my hypothesis. The flèche was the action with the most speed, not the lunge. I believe this was because the less control over an action you have, the more power you can put into your attack. For example, when you extend your arm, you are 100% in control of you movements; therefor it has the least amount of speed. Likewise, when you flèche, you are in little to no control over the action and the direction you are moving towards, thus, it can have the most amount of power and speed.