Magnetic Linear Acelerator: Metal on the Move
Paisley Lewis
Hillcrest Middle School
Floor Location : J 147 E

I selected the Magnetic Linear Accelerator as an experiment because I wanted to know how it would work, and if it would work. I also picked this because my research showed that it is used for rollercoasters like California Screamin' at Disneyland.
I thought it would be interesting to see the balls going faster even though it didn’t seem like they should, since the previous ball stopped. I thought that it would be interesting because it is not what I would have expected to be possible.
I learned that the kinetic and magnetic energy make the Magnetic Linear Accelerator work and make the ball go faster. The ball hits the magnet and sends the next ball forward this is using kinetic energy and the next magnet pulls the ball towards it using magnetic energy.
For this experiment to work properly you must have the right amount of spacing between the magnets, and that is what I was trying to figure out when I was conducting my experiment.
My hypothesis was that the shorter the distance the magnets are apart the faster the balls will travel.
My Independent variable was the distance between the magnets, and the dependent variable was the speed the balls were traveling.