Recycling Robot
Kate Zraly, Madeleine Quong-Lee
Hillcrest Middle School
Floor Location : J 150 N

Currently schools, malls, and other social areas have replaced garbage cans with recycling bins.
It is a very effective system, but often people have trouble deciding which recycling bin to place their waste into. Usually, they just dump it in the nearby trash can. How can we improve this recycling system so there will be less garbage?

If we create a prototype application that scans an object and tells you which recycling bin to put your object into, then in the future someone can build off our idea because it will reduce garbage.

We created a software program on a mini computer called a Raspberry Pi that takes a picture of the object that a user is holding and analyzes it. If the computer recognizes the object, then the computer will tell you to put it into a certain recycling bin, depending on what item it is. Otherwise, the computer will tell the user to put it in the garbage.

We have successfully completed our Recycling Robot program on the Raspberry Pi, which takes a picture of your object and tell you which recycling bin it goes into. However, our project is a proof of concept, so we have a few sources of errors, including our Tensorflow Neural Network Library, Raspberry Pi Camera, and our Categorization Library. Even with some sources of error, we are able to prove that our idea could be used in the future for an real world application, such as a phone app that tells you which recycling bin your item goes into, as well as the nearest recycling depot.

Our project is a proof of concept, something someone in the future can build off of and create a global Recycling system. Although we have chosen to chose the path of a Recycling application, it can be used for other applications such as:
1. Help navigate blind people so that they will not collide with objects.
2. Tells you whether or not mushrooms/any type of foods are poisonous.
3. Determines what an unidentified object is.
4. Create an app that takes a picture of your object and tells you which bin it goes into, and also where the nearest Recycling depot is.