A Sleeping Pad for the Homeless
Samson Brown
St George's School
Floor Location : J 153 R

My wonder expo challenge is to successfully create a waterproof, portable sleeping pad that is made out of cheap materials. I first thought of this idea around six or seven months ago when I truly started to realize how many people are homeless in Vancouver. The reason I never really thought about homelessness in Vancouver before was because until two years ago I was living in a small town outside of Boston, Mass. in the USA called Cohasset. Where I grew up, there was little to no homelessness, so I never really thought about it. That was until this year. Now every time I drive through the city or downtown, it seems like there are more and more people on the streets. Each time I see someone homeless, I think to myself, that is someone with a family and who had a life. Then I think to myself, what if that were me or even worse someone in my family or one my friends.
Are you ready to hear what I found to be startling facts? Over 1,900 people are homeless in Vancouver. An estimated 100 million people are homeless globally. This data shows the amount of people my wonder expo could help could as many as 1,900 locally and over 100 million globally. Another unsettling fact is that homelessness in Vancouver is at a 10 year all time high. With homelessness numbers rising, my sleeping pad will be very useful in the present and the future. About 900 people are sleeping on the streets in Vancouver on most nights. Sadly, these numbers are high. Uncovering these facts filled me with great motivation to create my idea of a sleeping pad for this wonder expo. The most homelessness in Vancouver is in the Downtown Eastside and East Vancouver. Based on these facts, if I was to make more of the sleeping pads, I would know where to hand them out. Another aspect that is crucial to my project is the weather. The weather is important to my project because the weather in Vancouver is wet, which means the sleeping pad that I’m making must be waterproof.