Shelter Survival
Tristan Lomas
Hillcrest Middle School
Floor Location : J 158 D

In a survival situation, the most important factors are water, food and shelter. This experiment is designed to focus on shelters. Shelters are meant to keep you warm and dry and protected from the elements. Shelters can be made with a variety of material and can take on many different forms. Looking at three shelters: An A-Frame, a tent and a debris, the question arises, what shelter will keep you the warmest? In this experiment, three shelters were built and tested to see which one retained my body heat the best. The results prove that, a debris shelter is your best bet for warmth, followed by the tent and then the A-frame. While not all three were efficient in maintaining body heat, each of the three shelters had their own benefits in a survival situation. In an emergency situation, supplies aren’t always available, flexibility on materials used and shelter options is necessary. These results will impact your decision on what type of shelter would best serve your needs. To further my experiment, I could test more types of shelters or I could extent the period of time in each shelter to see if the internal temperature would reach a plateau and maintain the heat.