Cott'on Fire
Vanessa Scrimini, Breanna Lu
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : J 162 D

The purpose of our experiment is to test the flammability and speed of ignition of fabric softener. We had chosen this experiment because there had recently been an incident where a family had lost one of their twins to a devastating fire. Seeing as we are both twins, this tragedy hit really close to our hearts leading us to the idea of doing this experiment. The objective of this experiment was to find out which commonly worn fabric is the least flammable. If we burn the 60% cotton 40% modal that has been washed with fabric softener, then it will not only burn fairly quickly but it will also ignite the fastest because it contains many cellulosic materials. After we set up all of the materials, we burned all the fabrics with and without fabric softener. Shortly after finishing comparing our results, we had discovered that overall 60% cotton 40% modal is the most flammable fabric and was the fastest to ignite. We found that without fabric softener, nylon and spandex materials are the least flammable, and never ignited. Much to our surprise, as a result of being washed with fabric softener, polyester was made less flammable, and had never ignited in both trials. The findings of this experiment could help reduce the severity of burns.