Don't LEAD It Get To You
Mohammed Al-Seragi
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : J 165 N

The intent of “Don’t Lead it Get to You” is to discover affordable and inventive strategies regarding the extraction of dangerous lead ions in water, using a combination of varying natural, recurring resources. The consumption of lead is common, as lead composes most pipes which drinking water travels through. This results in several different health hazards, such as neurological disorders, coma and in severe cases, death. Further, the brain is very vulnerable to lead poisoning . Worst of all, lead consumption is inconvenient to reverse!

This experiment tests the statement “affordable alternatives”. In most cases, expensive water filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis, focus on several contaminants to remove: sulfates, fluoride, arsenic, and bacteria upon much more. The effectiveness of the developed mixture was compared with the individual lead extraction of clam shell, and activated carbon powder. The availability of clam shells (calcium carbonate), and activated carbon (steam heated and oxidized carbon sources such as coconut shell) are very attainable, allowing more to avoid the harms of lead found in drinking water.

Using the information and results gathered in the initial experimentation, a filter would be developed to test the extraction of lead upon the movement of water in a system. The conducted mixture would be the primary resource used to filter, and extract the lead found in the solution.