Does your bubble bath own up to its name?
Allyzza Alonzo, Iris Au-Yeung
Burnaby South Secondary
Floor Location : J 166 D

Bubble bath is playtime for kids, but for adults it's to soak out a day’s worth of stress and muscle pain. Having the most foam in bubble bath is most desired, therefore in this project we tested different brands of bubble bath to see which one would foam the most. We knew that the baths would bubble fairly well, however, we wondered what the difference between the brands was. We did this by measuring how much foam has risen from the water level in the tub. We noticed that the ones with more SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) seemed to foam more than the ones with less or none. Our research has stated that the chemicals were foaming agents. We decided to add another layer to our experiment to see what would happen if we added ⅛ tsp more of SLS to our top brand. Could we make the bath foamier? When added, the foam was 1 centimetre higher than when the bubble bath was just by itself. We were only allowed to add such a small amount since we wanted to mimic where it would be almost safe to bathe in. In the reason, according to Bath and Body Works the content of SLS should not exceed 1%.