The Whitening EGG-Speriment
Lily Cowan, Oliver Stevenson
West Point Grey Academy
Floor Location : J 177 N

Our question is: “Which Whitening Toothpaste Works the Best?” Our hypothesis is that the Crest Whitening Strips and Arm and Hammer would work the best, and thought that the homemade whitening hacks online wouldn’t work, especially the strawberry one. In our experiment, we had 5 whitening toothpastes hacks, 6 store bought toothpastes, and 1 whitening strip packet. We soaked the eggs in a staining mixture made of blueberries, coffee, tea and red wine for 3 hours, and then we let them dry over a period of 12 hours. We had 2 plain toothbrushes for the toothpaste, and we brushed each egg with the product for 30 seconds. Because some people typically get lazy, we didn't brush the egg properly. This is from a perspective of a person who drinks a lot of drinks that are unhealthy for your teeth, and who does not brush properly. We left the crest white strips on for 30 minutes, and then pulled them off to reveal the results. Next, we made our own invention of strawberry, baking soda, and ArmAndHammer toothpaste. We hoped that our whitening invention will be the best whitening toothpaste for your teeth. We hope you come see our project, and we hope that you will enjoy it as well. Thank you.