Scrub or Sanitize?
Leili Akhavan-Sharif
Mulgrave School
Floor Location : J 179 D

My science fair is focused towards determining the effectiveness of organic vegetable based sanitizer in comparison to soap. The results are based towards the bacteria growth measured by the technique of the Zone of Inhibition. The larger the diameter of the clear ring in the petri dish indicates less bacteria growth. The smaller the clear ring, or even no clear ring, indicates a large amount of bacteria growth. Based on past research, I predicted that if you disinfect a surface with organic vegetable based sanitizer instead of regular soap without excessive mechanical rubbing, then less bacteria will remain on the surface because sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol which is the main component that conducts the removal of bacteria. While sanitizing, ethyl alcohol disrupt the cell wall membrane of the bacteria, which leads to killing the bacteria. This presentation will direct the viewers in deciding which cleaning solution to purchase, explain why, and how it impacts the removal of bacteria. This presentation will give people the answer to their curiosity on which cleaning substance to use and enable more people to use the most effective one. With hopes, the viewers will learning something new, gain knowledge, and find the information valuable enough to spread to others.