mouse project
grace calder
Island Pacific School
Floor Location : J 185 V

For my science fair, I was looking at the rate of decomposition and if the substance that an animal (such as a mouse)is in affects the rate of decomposition.For my science fair I put the mice in 5 different substances they were; bog, water, sand, dirt, and air.For my project my variables were independent variable –my independent variable is the substances the mice are in. Dependent variable –my dependent variable is the length of time left to decompose.In conclusion, my project was more complicated than anticipated.At the beginning of my project, I thought decomposition was based on one thing loss of weight.As I did further research I found capers law which states a body under water will decompose twice as slow that a body that has access to air.I also found that they are 5 stages of decomposition they are the fresh stage, bloat stage, dry decay, active decay and advanced decay. So I had to alter y project and determine which mouse had on through the most stages.So, in conclusion, I found that the mouse in soil and control decomposed the fastest because of caspers law states (this applies to the control mouse which is in air)that the body will decompose faster if it has more access to air.My project related to real life because in crime scenes the forensics tea will have to determine the place of death and time and stage of decomposition.