Make Love Last Longer
Karina Edmonds
Mulgrave School
Floor Location : J 207 D

Finding the wilting rate of the cut flower using a protractor, ribbon and scotch tape. Leaving 5 trials per test on a flat surface over the course of 5 days in different solutions including Coca Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Water and Flower Food. Wanted to understand the properties of flowers and Flower Food. Adding to my knowledge of the process of flowers and flower food properties as well as ingredients, wanted to find a new and better way to keep cut flowers fresh. The scientific community and real world can apply to this new knowledge, of a know understanding to other ways flowers can keep fresh. Researched more into what drinks and liquids commonly found in a house hold could overcome the flower food packet powder with its ingredients. Found out that Coca Cola's ingredients have similar properties found that can work evenly as good as Flower Food's ex: Bleach (reducing microbial/bacterial growth), Citric Acid (helps keep a flow under the stem crating surface tension for nutrients to travel up xylem system faster), Sugar/Sucrose (nutrient form of food). This creative topic has taught me the different ways in which the wilting rate of flowers can be reduced so that flowers can last longer.