Humectants, Emollients or Occlusive
Haley Corcoran
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : J 209 H

In this project, I investigated which class of moisturizer had the best effect on a model hand. I tested how well each class of moisturizer worked at maintaining the initial weight of a gelatinous model hand. I researched this topic to conclude which class worked the best to help people moisturizer and see which class of moisturizers you should spend your money on. I conducted my project by having three test dishes of the gelatin and moisturizer for each product, I then used three dishes without the moisturizer as my controls. I tested 5 different types of moisturizers. I weighed and measured the height of the petri dishes every hour for 4 hours then again at 8 hours and 16 hours. I then continued to measure it everyday at 8:00 for almost 2 weeks. By the end of the two weeks I observed that the petri dishes with the humectants based ingredients lost a lot of weight and the height had decreased by a bit, some of them event changed to the color of the gelatinous model hand. The emollients and occlusive agents based moisturizers didn’t lose a lot of weight and the height stayed about the same. In conclusion, my project showed that the moisturizer with the occlusive agents based ingredients worked the best.