Alternative Handsanitizer?
Chinenye Oluka
Moscrop Secondary
Floor Location : M 002 H

Hand sanitizer is a convenient way of cleaning ones hands without the use of soap and water. They allow us to have cleans hands which contribute to the reduction of viral diseases; however, most hand sanitizers release chemicals that increase the absorption of BPA. The objective of this research was to find a natural, non-alcoholic replacement for hand sanitizer, so aloe vera and coconut oil were tested. Two experiments were conducted. The first tested the effect of aloe vera and coconut oil on E. coli enclosed in a petri dish, and compared it to the results produced by hand sanitizer in the same circumstance. Once determined that Aloe Vera was capable of killing E. coli, a second experiment was conducted to see whether Aloe vera was indeed better than commercial hand sanitizer when it came to killing random bacteria on the hand.Coconut oil yielded no results in the first experiment and for this reason, was not tested in the second. Aloe vera was found to be effective at killing E.coli in a petri-dish but did not lower bacterial counts when tested on the hands. Based on the results obtained during the experiments, none of the substances tested are able to be used as an alternative to hand sanitizer.