Alison Marsh, Maya Lahiri
J N Burnett Secondary
Floor Location : M 033 N

The purpose of our project is to make transporting water more efficient and effective for those with little access. We believe that clean drinking water is a basic necessity and everyone should have easy access. We hate the thought of all that weight resting on one person’s head and all the health risks that it brings, so we wanted to do something to change that. The question we asked ourselves was how can we make the transportation of water easier for those walking extensive distances? The main purpose of our project was to tackle that question and create a utility or product that would enable users to transport large amounts of water without putting an unhealthy strain on their bodies. Our product will put less strain on the head and neck of the people because they will be rolling a cart instead of balancing abundances of water on their heads. Overall, the purpose of our project is to help those in need. We want to help women and children avoid health risks such as back and neck problems, as well as make their journeys less unpleasant and less frequent. We created the H2whOa in order to solve this problem. We used the frame of a wheelbarrow and added planks with hooks to hang the buckets from. We then added a spigot and lids. We also added a filtration system into the bucket so that water can be cleaned while it is being transported, because sometimes although these people walk extensive distances, the water they find is not even clean.