The Gateway Into Electricity
Sean Uy, Michael Tse
J N Burnett Secondary
Floor Location : M 035 N

Our idea of an energy generator sparked when we found out that 1.2 billion people lack access to electricity. People without electricity are coming up with dangerous ways of subsidising for the lack of electricity. People are using candles, which can easily spread if not watched over, plus, people without electricity do not have access to clean water, sanitation, and communication. Without communication, these people living in third world countries will continue to fall behind in out fast advancing technological world. Our invention takes the energy from 3 forces of nature, wind, sun and rain. For wind, we have a VAWT that will rotate even in uneven patterns of wind. For the sun, we put solar panels angled to generate as much electricity as possible during sunny days. For rain, we have a more complicated way of generating power. The rain will be funnelled around the basin, and aimed at a mini turbine, which is connected to the shaft of a small motor, and in exchange will generate electricity. All these sources can be connected to a battery, which can be scaled up to power basic things in the house. With all these sources of energy, there will always be electricity generated resulting in a reliable source of energy. Looking into the future, we hope to share this idea to the public and hopefully get it looked into by professional electrical and mechanical engineers in hopes that their knowledge and our knowledge put together will help eradicate global electric poverty.