Sleep Analysis
Mike Roslikov
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Little is understood about sleep so far, due to the obstacles of current data collection methods. This approach offers a new way to gather and analyze sleep data. It is done using a mobile application that records your sleep and performs an analysis in real-time from the body movements that the smartphone detects. The phone is placed closer to the head and it determines the sleep phase and how it changes through the night in a natural environment. This way you can get better data by not using uncomfortable, expensive equipment.

The mobile application gathers lengths of sleep phases and measures duration of cycles. Such data allows you to infer zinc nutritional deficiencies and likely many other factors that are known to effect sleep, as demonstrated by experiment. Doing this algorithmically and consistently can prove to be difficult, so the possible use of a classification problem algorithms can be effective.

Using the research results, something for everyone can be created. The smart alarm clock wakes up the user during their lightest sleep phase, REM. It takes away the dreadful morning feeling that comes from waking up in the NON-REM phase. Also, by analyzing the data input, the user can be given recommendation on nutrition.

Such functionalities can be implemented as a mobile application, or for more precision, as dedicated hardware and microcontrollers.