Iruka: An Innovation in Computer Science Education
Danilo Lekovic
Heritage Woods Secondary
Floor Location : M 052 N

Many children these days are amazed by the intricate apps and programs that they can access with their fingertips. It is true that beginners to computer science are greatly intimidated by the complicated nature of traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Java. Students looking to build the next best game, an app that lets them manage their homework, or just an alarm app that tracks how much sleep they get per night are often stumped and don't know where to look or where to go. Teenagers who are wanting to make an interactive website that does all sorts of things are completely stuck when they look at the most common ways of making websites (HTML and JavaScript). Luckily for them, Iruka is an integrated programming environment which comes with an easy-to-learn programming language called IrukaCode, a builder called Minato and a helpful tutorial system called Jiraiya. Iruka is the programming environment where all of the development happens; it is the home of IrukaCode, Minato and Jiraiya. IrukaCode is the script or code that feeds instructions to Minato, which in return creates the program, app, or game based on the given instructions. Throughout all of this, Jiraiya uses always-on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to give tips, ideas, and advice to the developer. Iruka is small, easy to setup and requires zero prior computer science knowledge.