Sleep Doctors
matthew cheesman, Maria Pelekh
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
Floor Location : M 070 D

Since we have several experiments which all contain variable scenarios, our hypothesis applies differently in every situation. Our overall hypothesis is that the quality of one's sleep can easily be altered and improved, and it is possible to make use of every single minute in the 24 hour cycle of a day. One's circadian rhythm can be balanced out with the actions that one completes in day, helping you achieve the ideal sleep. Also, did you know that your brain is capable of accomplishing nearly as much when you are asleep as when you're wide awake? The REM sleep stage could allow you to literally learn in your sleep; your brain is active and alert - it could be possible to make use of the entire day, instead of just the hours during which you are awake. We believe that we could make sleep more efficient. All of these factors combine into a impressive project of discovery and learning that cover a wide range of subjects falling within that of sleep. We studied several different test subjects and presented our information on a visually pleasing and well organized board. We really hope you enjoy our experiment on the subject of sleep.