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I believe that all of us will agree that we've read news, articles, and blogs about how bioplastic is way better than oil-based plastic, in a way that it will positively impact our environmental management. Now, if that's true, then why don't we just forget about the oil-based plastics and start manufacturing bioplastic? Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

Plastic is a very common material, due to its versatility, flexibility, being light-weight and being relatively cheap. However, if these plastics don't get recycled, these will cause some serious environmental problems.

Now, imagine if there is a better alternative for these plastics, wouldn't you choose that option?

The purpose of my science fair project is not only to find an eco-friendly alternative to oil-based plastic, but also to prove that bioplastic can be an oil-based plastic's great competitor. Through this project, I wanted to know if bioplastic is as functional as oil-based plastic.

My experiment results manifest that depending on what product are you going to use the bioplastic, it is as functional as oil-based plastic. Moreover, my experiment also manifest that we don't really have to say goodbye to plastics because I believe that plastics are really part of our everyday lives. However, we just have to replace these plastics with a more environmentally sustainable alternative.