A Swarm Welcome
Clinton Weng, Frank Hui
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 095 N

Swarm Intelligence
Science 9/10H, Mr. Taylor
Frank Hui and Clinton Weng

Our project is investigating the practicality and ability of swarm intelligence. Swarm intelligence is a fairly new subject in the world and has yet to be applied. It is many simple and low level units working together to create high level structures, such as patterns and buildings. Our question asks, can swarm intelligence be applicable to some real life scenarios? A swarm requires 4 components: Positive and negative feedback, fluctuation, and multiple interaction. Our first step to create a model is to identify these four components, and create a pseudo code, which acts like a skeleton. After we finish the “skeleton”, we proceed to fill in the skeleton with code. We have observed several reactions from our models. We only mention two patterns and structures observed. One of our models is based on collective construction and the other on elective behaviour. These are designed to show to the viewer how swarm intelligence can be used in real world situations; our collective construction model demonstrates swarm robots creating buildings; our election model shows how swarm intelligence can be exhibited in real life. We can conclude that swarm intelligence can be effective in many situations like construction and prediction of elections.