Game of Drones
Brennan King
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : M 105 N

A quadcopter was designed, 3D printed, built, and programmed as a way to learn more about DC electronics, computer assisted design (CAD), 3D printing, and computer programming. This project revealed the many challenges and steps involved in creating something from scratch that doesn’t have explicit instructions. The purpose of this project was to advance search and rescue by building a quadcopter that is controlled by sound. This could be the future of search and rescue technology. It would allow firefighters or police, for example, to pinpoint the location of victims and/or suspects without the need to enter the potentially hazardous environment themselves. The drone would fly autonomously by using on board sensors, microphones, a sonar, and a camera. There would be one microphone on each of the quadcopter's arms and by analyzing the incoming frequencies it will be able to decipher which direction the screams from the victim are coming from. The sonar would be used to detect walls and barriers and the quadcopter would be programmed to avoid them by flying an alternate route. The prototype is still in it's early stages, but improvements are being made at a steady rate and it should be ready before too long.