Julien Mo, Abdurrahmaan Abdulaziz
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : M 120 N

With coffee topping the ladder on the most consumed beverages in Canada, it is not surprising to know that a very large amount of coffee grounds are only used once before being thrown away. Our science fair project revolves around re-purposing the coffee grounds by turning them into something else. We took used coffee grounds and tested combining them with multiple different binding agents in order to create a replacement to hard materials like wood in everyday objects. This was done by compressing the mixture into various molds and leaving them to air dry. The procedure is similar to the procedure used to create particle boards. Sawdust and coffee grounds have somewhat similar shape and texture so using a binding agent and compression was the idea. The outcome was successful, after multiple attempts. The result is a solid table that is surprisingly durable. To add on to the success, the final product is made with 100% natural materials. The idea was once previously tackled by a UK company that only used 60% natural content in their product. This project is focused on reducing the amount of coffee grounds that is wasted after one use by coffee shops and instead re-purposing them into furniture.