Stabilizing Shaky Situations
Miucci Yung, Amina Guo
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : M 142 N

Introducing ICUP, an innovation used to stabilize shaky situations. The goal for the project was to create a prototype that could possibly aid people with Parkinson’s Disease with their everyday habits and routines, something as simple as drinking from a cup. Our purpose for the innovation was to invent a cup that could possibly eliminate, or reduce the problem of spillage caused by hand tremors when holding and drinking from a cup. We intended to introduce an entirely new concept, and wanted to design a cup handle that would rotate from side to side, horizontally, therefore it would cancel out any movement from the hand. The prototype is comprised of three parts, the cup itself, a handle, as well as a rod (which connects the handle to the cup and allows for rotation. The prototype features a weighted bottom, a gripped handle, a silicone slip-proof bottom, and a rotating rod, allowing for more flexibility of the wrist. Different sketches were made, illustrating (unique) possible concepts for the prototype. We then tested out types of 3D printing software that could be used to design the cup. Autodesk 123D was used to design the ICUP, and after a couple of trial and errors, a concrete design for the prototype was finalized. There was easy access to a 3D printer, which was used to print our cup, rod, and handle. The parts were put together and constructed into a simple, working prototype. Our newly-developed mechanism can be applied and used for Parkinson's patients, allowing for easier accessibility to drink from a cup.