Metallic Hydrogen: The revolution of technology
Sophia Lee
Moscrop Secondary
Floor Location : M 192 F

Metallic hydrogen is very recent news: it was announced in January 2017 but created in October 2016 by two Harvard scientists, Isaac Silvera and Ranga Dias. They created a screw with diamonds to squeeze liquid hydrogen at extreme pressures, around 495 GigaPascals to create metallic hydrogen. I wanted to show theories and information on metallic hydrogen and the immense effect that it could have on the world before it was proven, so we know how to adapt to this new game-changing material and solutions if the sample is proven not to be metastable or even if it’s proven not to be metallic.
With the use of metallic hydrogen, electricity would be changed so that we would get faster energy, less money towards that energy because now the metallic hydrogen lines wouldn’t absorb 15% of that energy as they do now. It would also last longer because the material can store energy for as long as needed without wasting any. Outside of the Earth, rockets would go faster, further and we would discover new galaxies, planets, and learn more while paying less and having less work. But why stop at that? I also thought that with metallic hydrogen, electric cars wouldn’t have to be charged very often, it would last a long time since metallic hydrogen keeps the energy for a very long time without losing any and it is a superconductor which means that it doesn’t absorb any energy as it goes along. It goes the same for all batteries, cars, phones, calculators, computers, cameras and all the rest that need batteries. No one mentioned nuclear plants either, the way that we save all that energy and money could mean that we wouldn’t need the possibly dangerous nuclear plants around anymore.
Either way, it's a win-win situation. Nobody loses anything, If this experiment is a fail, we go on living as we are right now, the scientists have more to study and analyse but if this is a success and we can replicate this experiment in huge quantities, no other words needed than Huge Revolution of Technology. And a huge revolution of technology while we are this advanced in that area? It means more than we can dream up right now.