Electro Pipe
Edward Shi, Devraj Chakraborty
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : J 113 E

The project is to put a hydroelectric system into a pipe to generate electricity. A model was constructed ( the turbine and the hydro machine) and the system was slipped inside. Water was run through the model and electricity was generated. After a few trials, the model was able to produce 2.88 volts per second.

The model was successful and worked. Since 2.88 volts per second was able to be produced with a model, with better materials such as a more efficient motor and stronger turbine blades) a higher amount of volts per second could most likely be generated.The model also needs a consistent water flow in order to be continuously generate electricity, meaning our hydro machine would work best in places with continuous water flow, such as an apartment building, water parks, water supply pipes, and pools.

The turbine was made from a styrofoam cylinder and a coke can and the hydro machine was constructed of two bottles ( one with the bottom cut off and one with the top cut off.) The bottle needed to be angled so the water would be directed at the turbine. Most of the materials that we used for this project can found in a regular household.