Phone Turbine
Zane McPhedran
Britannia Secondary
Floor Location : J 141 N

Purpose And Hypothesis Statement

Have you ever charged your phone the same way you probably like your food? “Farm to table,” “organic,” well, I certainly hadn’t. UNTIL NOW… THE PHONE TURBINE. This magnificent device produces green energy right in front of you, so you can know exactly where your precious electricity comes from. Now, let me bring you back to where it all began. I was sitting down on one cold November eve, and thought, “Hey! I’ve never seen, or used a device that charges my phone in an efficient green way.” This helped me to develop a research question which was,” Can you power your phone with a homemade wind turbine?” So then, that brought me to the hypothesis of, “ A wind turbine can produce electricity.”


To test my hypothesis, I had to finish creating my wind turbine, and see if it was successful. Obviously it was, because I was able to produce 5 volts, and charge a 5 volt battery pack in half an hour, at 49 RPM. To briefly summarize my materials, and procedure used, I used a DC motor to charge a 5 volt battery pack, by manually reversing it via wind. To conduct my research, I calculated volts per minute via a battery pack, and then multiplied that to get the volts per hour.

Analysis of Data
My data showed that my turbine was able to sufficiently charge a 5 volt battery pack.

Summary And Conclusion
My analysis of data says that my turbine was successful. I accept my hypothesis, because a wind turbine can indeed produce electricity.

This project can help make the world a better place because it uses green energy. This is especially important lately, because mankind’s carbon footprint is increasing. I also think this can be built so it is a portable device and can help charge peoples cell phones when they are camping, off the grid, or when there is a natural disaster that would inhibit electricity from reaching our homes.