La Lave et Roule
Lily Collins, Lyra Collins
Vancouver Technical Secondary
Floor Location : J 148 N

The Lave et Roule is a ball that washes your clothes with the same quality as a washing machine. This innovative device is a padded plastic ball, with an easy to open lid. It has a waterproof liner and an agitation ball inside. Add clothes, 2.5 L of water, and half a squirt of biodegradable soap to the bag and fold it four times. Roll it around for 5 minutes for the wash cycle. Drain the bag, add 2.5 L of clean water, and roll it around for another 5 minutes to rinse. The Lave et Roule uses very little water, saving 13.5L for the same amount of clothes as a medium sized washing machine. The Lave et Roule uses zero electricity, because it only moves when you push it. The Lave et Roule gets you active while rolling, shaking, and throwing it around. Using biodegradable soap, the used washing water is safe to drain the dirty water in a river, lake or ocean. The Lave et Roule is perfect for parts of the world that do not have access to running water and electricity. And it's fun to use in your house or at the park! It is durable with padding, and has been test-dropped so we know it's made with quality. Without water in it, the Lave et Roule is light and perfect for camping.