The Space Elevator
Isaac Naumenko, Connor Fujita
Sir Charles Tupper
Floor Location : J 160 N

Our project is to explore a more effecient way to power a space elevator. By attaching a second tether cable to the earth we can put in the required positive and negative charge to power the space elevator without wasting millions of dollars per trip on wasted electricity that would have been used to power a more traditional design of a space elevator. A more traditional design would shoot a super powerful laser at a downward facing solar panel on the bottom of the carrier. This would also significantly reduce risk of failure within the cart due to the much more powerful braking capabilities because of the second cable which will therefore make space travel just that much safer. Our idea would work only because of carbon nano tubes, which have incredible and unique properties: it is both incredibly strong, with one of the best tensile strengths among all elements. As well, they are extremely conductive which allows it to transmit the necessary power from the earth, up to twenty two thousand kilometres up, and power the carrier that would transport the necessary equipment for space travel. These materials would then be used in incredible space stations, intergalactic travel (because of their vastly increased fuel reserves for not having to leave the atmosphere), as well as an affordable way for civilians to get a chance at going to space.