Upgraded Chess
Kyle Brent
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : J 162 N

This project has restructured the traditional game of chess into a new and innovative strategy game for four players. Modern technologies of 3D modelling and printing were used to design new game pieces, alongside following a design cycle to build a new and enticing game structure. A total of 7 new pieces have been developed for this new battling game of chess.

This project will examine the historical evidence about chess. This includes what types of skills players can develop and how these skills helped with strategy. Additionally, there will be an examination of how new pieces are created and designed to contribute to the world of chess without detracting from its historical context. Each new piece in the game play contributes in a new way, adding a battling level of complexity to the game. Four player chess adds a new level of alliances, backstabbing, and team-checkmates. It is a fun game for the whole family!

Chess has always been a good game to play, whether it's to have fun, to work on your planning skills, or to gain bragging rights. Now you are able to play with more than one other person, carefully watching the board from all angles and choosing which new pieces will fit the best for the situation, while still enjoying a game of chess.