Seismic Waves in Action
Maya Torbica, Frieda Mestinsek
Britannia Secondary
Floor Location : J 163 V

We recreated seismic waves by using two yoga mats, a thin one to replicate the earths crust and a thicker one to replicate the mantle. Then we taped down a model building to the thinner mat and started to simulate the waves. We’d then record the destruction and make observations. To make sure that our waves were accurately simulated we simulated each one and made a seismograph of it. We then compared our seismographs to real seismographs that professional machines have made and they were extremely accurate in comparison to the real thing. To make sure that the buildings were accurately recreated we researched the different ways that a buildings is made in real life and recreated a miniature version of that so we could test how it withstands different types of seismic waves. We tested four different types of waves twice, Body Waves (P waves and S waves) and Surface Waves (Love waves and Raleigh Waves). We recorded how long it took for each building to collapse, since we tested each building twice we averaged both of the times to create one average time for each different wave. Our experiment could help further earthquake research so we can all know how to stay safe during one.