Menace in Venice
Noah Yu
Sir William Osler Elementary
Floor Location : J 192 F

Venice, known as the City of Water, is flooded regularly. However, in recent years, it is being flooded more frequently and at higher levels for two main reasons. The first reason is that Venice is actually sinking due to compaction of the ground underneath. The second reason is that tides are higher because of climate change. The purpose of this project is to determine what can improve existing projects that prevent Venice from sinking and flooding. The two most plausible ideas on how to save Venice were examined. The first idea is known as the MOSE project. Three-meter-tall, hollow metal gates are raised when high tides enter Venice to prevent floods. The second idea uses 12 injection wells arranged evenly in a 10-kilometer diameter circle around Venice. Seawater will be pumped under an impermeable clay layer that lies below Venice continuously for 10 years. This will increase the pore pressure in the sand layers and raise the ground. By analyzing the MOSE project and Injection Well Method, four options were found to be ideal to help the flooding situation in Venice, but only one option was most realistic and cost effective. Suggestions from the other three options could be used if needed in the future.