Unmasking The Truth
Leelee Young
Island Pacific School
Floor Location : J 206 H

Finding and purchasing makeup removers can be a very difficult task for anyone looking to buy a product that is not only effective, but has an appealing scent, is kind to the environment, is easy to apply and has a reasonable price. I think that this experiment not only benefits me but also many other people who are looking to buy working makeup removers.

I chose to test whether oils with all natural ingredients would work better than chemical based
branded makeup removers at removing makeup. I hypothesized that the natural oils would essentially be more effective and hydrating, but would be harder to apply. I thought that natural alternatives would be a lot more gentle for some of the subjects with drier sensitive skin.

I conducted my experiment using a total of 5 products (including water which was my control) and had six different subjects.They applied the same amount of makeup on their face and removed each half of their face with a different product. I then went through a series of 30 tests and had them rate each product out of 10.

In the end I found that although one of the chemical solutions worked the most effectively, it was the most expensive and it didn't have a very appealing scent. Overall coconut oil (natural) was the better option to purchase because it was only slightly less effective. More people liked the fragrance, found it easiest to apply and it was a reasonable price. Whether consumers choose to switch to coconut oil or not, it is important to know that there are other alternatives to the irritating and harmful chemicals that we normally use on our faces.