Pop Quiz
Cassidy Tran
Maple Grove Elementary
Floor Location : J 217 F

TITLE: Pop Quiz
AUTHOR: Cassidy Tran
SCHOOL: Maple Grove Elementary
QUESTION: Which soda takes the longest to lose carbonation? How can I reduce the rate of carbonation?
INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE: Many people are invited to different birthday parties and are asked what pop to drink. People have preferences, but it always flattens before the party ends since you do so much talking. I’m trying to find out which soda takes longest to decarbonate out of Coca Cola, Sprite, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Orange Fanta, Coke Zero, and Canada Dry’s Club Soda.
HYPOTHESIS: My hypothesis is that the amount of sugar and sodium in the cans of soda will affect the rate of decarbonation. The more there is the faster it decarbonates. I think this because sodium and sugar can act as nucleation sites which release carbonation in a drink. I calculated that Sprite will fall flat first and Coke Zero would fall flat last.
1. Pour a decent amount of soda into a clear cup. Don’t tap or shake the cup to reduce the loss of carbonation.
2. Repeat step one with the rest of your sodas using the same amount in every cup for an accurate comparison. I put 1 mini can into each cup.
3. When finished, place cups in area where all are under the same conditions like temperature and sunlight.
4. Wait and observe. Taste test in 30 min intervals to see when each soda is flat.
From losing carbonation first to last:
Coke Zero
Canada Dry’s Club Soda
Schweppes ginger ale
Coca Cola
Orange Fanta