Handy Tasker
Eran Deutsch
Osler Elementary
Floor Location : J 223 N

Some researchers have concluded that children with Autism exhibit difficulty with estimating time. This ability is necessary for the adaption of behavior in a physical and social environment, and smoothes social interaction. Problems with time perception can make the world seem unpredictable, causing children with Autism to become anxious. Reviewing the few timer apps available with a history feature, none were built with the purpose to assist in estimating time. Furthermore, none had an Autistic friendly interface. This project analyzes the requirements for building an Autistic-friendly user interface, and applies them in designing and programming an innovative mobile app using Java Script and HTML/CSS that teaches children with Autism time estimation by practicing, and keeping track of these activities. Researching Autistic friendly interface guidelines, the first prototypes were deemed unfit. The following prototypes focused on reducing overcrowding the pages which allows the user to focus on the main controls. With each new design of the app, the user interface was simplified for easier navigation and simpler functionality. These iterations involved reducing buttons, changing the colour pallet, reorganizing the page navigation system, and more. The responses from the first user, the Voices of Autism Advocacy Group, VSB professionals, and a behavioral and cognitive neuroscience expert in time perception from the University of Michigan, were enthusiastic, and resulted in new ideas for additional functionality for future app versions.