Rapid Respond Tag
Zachary Lo
St George's School
Floor Location : J 224 N

This device was built to help prevent dementia patients from wandering out of their home or care facility without supervision. Wandering is a common habit of people living with dementia and if they are not found within the next 24 hours, there is a high chance of them getting seriously hurt. I wanted to come up with a device that can be hidden in the patient's clothing so that they will not take it off they way they can currently take off a tracking bracelet or necklace. As well, I wanted the device to be able to alert the caregiver without making a loud noise that would scare the person living with dementia. Using a small laundry tag that can be hidden in the patient's clothing so that they are not even aware it is there, I have found a way to program the Arduino so that when my device is mounted at the door and the patient walks by it thus swiping the tag by the RFID reader, a text message will be sent to the caregiver's phone. This is especially helpful in facilities where there are many dementia patients. My device will enable the caregiver to get specific information - Eg. ' Mary has left the premises!' so that they will know immediately who to go look for thus saving them time and man power.