Fruit Exocarps
Allan Ji, Owen Ebose
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 023 V

Oil spills are a serious issue in North America affecting millions. Methods of cleaning up these harmful oil spills are extremely harmful to the environment and damages our ecosystem greatly. A way to clean up oil spills is by using fruit exocarps, but are they efficient in oil spill restoration? If they are, how can we use fruit exocarps to remediate future oil spills? Using them can eliminate the factor of damaging the ecosystem and harsh chemical dispersants.To test this experiment different types of oil (control group) were poured into saltwater and freshwater to recreate an oil spill. We then placed orange and banana (independent variable) exocarps into the oil and water solutions to see exactly how much oil and water the two fruit exocarps would adsorb (dependant variable) We believed if fruit exocarps do adsorb a fair amount of the oil, then fruit exocarps are efficient in oil spill restoration. Our results tell us that indeed they are efficient in oil spill restoration, as orange exocarps absorbed up to 50% of the oil and banana exocarps adsorbed up to 40% of the oil. As our results prove our hypothesis to be true, this tells us that we could use fruit exocarps for oil spill restoration.